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with Dr. Laurie LIVE in real time


For anyone with questions about perimenopause!


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How many times have you asked Google or Facebook for answers to your perimenopause questions because you don’t have access to a menopause informed health care practitioner?

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If you have questions about perimenopause like:

  • “Is this normal?”

  • “When should I talk to my doctor?” 

  • “My doctor told me ____, but I also heard _____.  What does the research actually say?”

  • “Which lab tests are helpful? - And which one’s aren’t?”

  • “I wonder if hormones are why I feel ____?” But you don’t know who to ask...

  • “What even is hormone therapy and how do I know if it’s for me?”

If you are looking for answers about perimenopause from a menopause informed health care professional - this FREE opportunity is for you.  


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Disclaimer: This conversation is for informational and educational purposes only, no medical advice will be given.  The information provided should not be considered medical advice and does not replace the need for consulting with your doctor.

​​When you opt-in to a live AMA with Dr. Laurie you will get:

  • An email invitation to this and future AMAs on a variety of topics related to perimenopause

  • A private zoom link via email in advance of each AMA

  • An opportunity to ask your questions live or ask them in advance to be addressed anonymously

  • A chance to hear what others are asking, and the responses to those questions

  • A chance to connect in real time with a menopause society certified practitioner and other individuals who are curious to learn more


I chose this format specifically because I want you to feel like we are sitting around your kitchen table, sharing a cup of tea, and chatting about things you might not know who else to ask.  You get to choose if you want to sit openly at this table, or if you prefer to remain anonymous like a fly on the wall and take it all in.  

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Hi! I’m Laurie,

I’m a Naturopathic Doctor and Menopause Society Certified Practitioner helping you navigate perimenopause with more confidence, clarity, choice, and connection.


I have helped hundreds of people understand what is happening in their bodies and brains through perimenopause and choose a path that suits their goals and values to start feeling better and more like themselves by using an integrative whole person approach to menopause care.  This approach is unique because effective menopause care is much more than a prescription.  It works because it is an individualized approach to care that considers all of you and invites shared decision making to set you on the path to a future of your choosing.


Here’s to the opportunity of perimenopause and beyond!

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