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Hi!  I'm Laurie, a menstruator, a co-parent, a partner, a friend, a lover of life, and a Naturopathic Doctor. 


All too often I have watched women ignore themselves and push through feeling like crap day after day after day until their poor sleep, moodswings, or fluctuating hormones leave them feeling so exhausted and fed up that they no longer recognize themselves. 


I have watched these women suffer, often in silence, under the assumption that this experience is normal, especially in the context of menstruation and perimenopause.

For a while I too believed the story that this was simply the "price to pay" for being born with ovaries.  But the more I learned, and the more I worked with women like this, the more transformations I got to observe when they were invited to imagine a different reality and equipped with tools to make it happen.  

It is one thing to validate someone's negative experience with menstruation or around menopause but when the conversation stops there, the suffering continues, and the problem with normalizing something, is that you stop looking for a solution.

 Motivated by a mission to alleviate suffering associated with menstruation and elevate expectations and standards of care for women's health, I draw from years of practice as a naturopathic doctor, extensive research into sleep, hormones, mental health, and my own experiences, to help menstruators like you reimagine and transform your hormonal transition years into a passage grounded in strength, confidence, and connection.

Your story matters and you deserve to write it.

Over a cup of tea


My mission is to change the normalization of suffering associated with menstruation, specifically throughout perimenopause and beyond into menopause.

You deserve a life in which your fluctuating hormones offer strength, not symptoms.

No gas-lighting and no excuses. 

You deserve to feel great at any age. 

You are worthy of this transformation,

and you don't have to do it alone.

Over a cup of tea
Happy Woman


A healthcare evolution offering women effective integrative and transformative medical care that allows her to fully show up in midlife with confidence, clarity, and choice.

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