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Naturopathic Consultations

A naturopathic consultation with Laurie involves an in depth conversation and assessment of your main concerns and overall health resulting in a holistic individualized strategy for treatment and whole person care. 

An initial intake includes a detailed interview, a focused physical exam, ordering of any relevant lab work, and identifying specific goals.  Treatments may include diet and lifestyle counselling, herbal therapies, nutritional supplementation, body work or acupuncture, and mental health/mindset coaching.  Follow up appointments are scheduled as needed to assess treatment progress and address any new obstacles or concerns.  

Adult initial consult (75-90 mins): $180

Pediatric initial consult (45-60 mins): $160

60 min follow up: $150

45 min follow up: $120

30 min follow up: $85

15 min follow up or phone consult: $50

Acupuncture (60 mins): $100

Pay What You Can: In an effort to reduce financial barriers to naturopathic medical care, this is always an option for every client, every visit.  

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