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Workshops and Speaking Events

Laurie presents to groups of all sizes on a wide variety of topics.  Some favourites include workshops and coaching development sessions for people dealing with high stress and/or anxiety in the work place, teams anticipating change and wanting to prepare for a smooth transition, and groups that frequently lose members to burn out or who struggle with feeling overwhelmed.  Getting unstuck through building self-awareness and promoting self-compassion are themes that run through all of her events

Private workshops can be custom tailored to the group size and desired topics.  They range from 30 minutes to 4 hours.  Prices vary.  Please get in touch to discuss details.  

Recent Event Details

Stress, Anxiety, Burnout, Recovery, & Joy

Moving through the various cycles of being human

Please inquire for schedule and fees

This 8 week live online small group workshop addresses stress, anxiety, burnout, and recovery in the context of the constantly moving parts of our current lives.  Designed at the onset of the COVID quarantine, this intimate supportive online experience invites participants to explore their current states of stress and anxiety and learn how to engage with these feelings in a way that prevents burnout and instead promotes growth and joyful living.  


This workshop equips you with personalised tools for identifying and coping with stress and anxiety in your life, and individualized strategies to move through wherever you find yourself stuck on your journey.

Week 1: Identifying and Understanding the various cycles we experience

Week 2: Stress and the cycle of stress and recovery

Week 3: Anxiety and the cycle of control and surrender

Week 4: Burnout and Part 1 of the cycle of work and rest

Week 5: Recovery and Part 2 of the cycle of work and rest

Week 6: Joy and the cycle of connection and solitude

Week 7: Knowing yourself better within the various cycles of being human

Week 8: Bringing it all together, reflections and making it stick

Participant summary: "This workshop offers thoughtful and effective ways to deal with stressors, stress, anxiety and burnout in a non judgmental, compassionate and professional atmosphere, where participants feel safe to share and work through their own personal reflections in pursuit of moving toward joy!"


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